Ticket sale

Ticket sale start on monday 5  February 2018 at 8.00. There are limited amount of tickets so get there early!

Ticket sale locations:

NOTE! There are limitations as follows: 1 person can purchase tickets (4 pcs) for one team or two tickets to Puikkari.

Team competition ticket

Team competition for four students costs 10 euros/student (total of 40 euros). Payment includes pre-ticket to Puikkari and Winterfest overall patch.

Puikkari pre-ticket

Puikkari pre-ticket grants you only admittance to Puikkari. Pre-ticket costs 7 euros and includes the Winterfest overall patch.

Puikkari ticket from door

Limited amount of tickets will be sold from Puikkari after 22:30. Ticket from door costs 9 euros (incl. Winterfest overall patch) or 7 euros (does not include patch).